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We encourage the active involvement and engagement of individuals who use health and social care services, as well as their families and caregivers, in the decision-making process of the WWRPB. They help to inform and shape the planning and delivery of services.

Who Can
Get Involved?

Everyone can get involved! Be it service users, families, or caregivers, your voice matters in shaping the future of health & social care.

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Get involved to shape & improve health & social care services. Your voice matters! Join us today, share your views, & make a difference.

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Get Involved?

Get involved & share your voice with us by using the simple contact form below. Together, we can shape a better future.

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We work together to transform and integrate health and social care services for people in West Wales. You can provide a valuable perspective to the needs of people in West Wales, and help ensure that the decisions being made are informed by the people who use the services provided.

You will be invited to up to 10 meetings a year, it’s okay if you cant make it to all of them. We also recognise that your caring responsibilities or health conditions can make life unpredictable and therefore understand this may impact your ability to attend all meetings, so you may like to share attendance with someone with similar experiences.

We will send you documents to read and help you to prepare for meetings, this could take up to 4 hours per month.

You can provide the board with first-hand accounts of the challenges and successes of using care and support services. This information can help the board to make better decisions about how to improve the system.

You can hold the board to account for its decisions. You can ask questions about the board’s work, and you can challenge the board if you feel that it is not meeting the needs of the people it serves.

You can help to promote public engagement with the care and support system. You can encourage people to use care and support services, and you can help to raise awareness of the challenges and successes of the system.

Listen to what our past and current representatives have to say

Representatives Voice


Alan and James

Alan and James are two long-time citizen representatives on the WWRPB. Their experience and insights of health and social care, have been important in shaping

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Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from our dedicated citizen representatives on the WWRPB. We’ll introduce you to individuals who have made a significant impact

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Citizen Representative Handbooks

Nikeela Uprichard

Dementia Representatives

What would you do as a dementia citizen representative? People living with dementia and their families should be involved in making decisions about dementia care.

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Nikeela Uprichard

Carer Representatives

What would you do as a third sector organisation representative?
As a third sector member to the board, you would help ensure that the

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Your voice matters in shaping and improving health and social care services. Make a difference by sharing input and experiences to shape and improve health and social care in West Wales. Fill out our simple contact form and contribute to driving change.

Please note: The West Wales Regional Partnership Board does not directly provide public services. However, you can find useful links on our contact us page to connect with health and social care partners/providers in West Wales.

Join us now, share your voice, and help us create meaningful change!